Man in Corsets Trend: Male Corsetry Example with Photos

Man in Corsets Trend: Male Corsetry Example with Photos

Corsets used to be mainly for women, but now men are trying them out as a cool fashion choice. This is all about changing old ideas and showing that anyone can wear whatever they like. These guys wear corsets with different clothes, making new and interesting styles that show both strong and gentle sides. It's a fun way to be yourself and break fashion rules.

In a global stage where fashion constantly pushes boundaries, embracing a multitude of styles, men's fashion is reclaiming vintage trends that once defined eras gone by.

With a contemporary twist, it seamlessly merges nostalgia's charm with today's innovation.

One of these trends is men wearing corsets in a new way.

At first, they were used to shape the body into a certain form, making people look elegant. But as time went on, they became symbols of what society thought was normal and what was stylish. Nowadays, bringing back corsets in men's fashion is like giving a nod to the past while also being modern


Male Corsetry: Mens Corset History

Corsets are usually thought of as something women wore, but they have a long history that goes beyond gender. They started a long time ago, during the Renaissance period.


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Man in Corset History Examples


Here are examples of men wearing corsets throughout history, along with specific dates:


Renaissance and Baroque Periods (16th-17th centuries):

Throughout history, men have worn corsets, and specific instances can be traced back to the Renaissance and Baroque Periods (16th-17th centuries).

During these eras, European nobles embraced corsets referred to as "stays." Notably, around 1580, King Henry III of France's portraits showcased his adoption of elaborate corset-like garments, emphasizing a stylish and tapered waistline.



18th Century (1700s):

In the 18th century, men's fashion included waistcoats and coats that required a tailored waistline. Around the 1750s, men commonly wore corsets or "stays" to achieve the desired shape, as evidenced by paintings and illustrations from the era.


Regency Era (early 19th century):

In the early 19th century Regency era, dandyism was in vogue. Men who embraced this trend aimed for a refined appearance. Around 1810, notable dandy Beau Brummell was known to wear corsets to enhance his figure and create a polished look.


Victorian Era (mid-19th to early 20th century):

The Victorian era continued the practice of men wearing corsets for support and posture improvement. In the mid-1800s, photographs of individuals like Oscar Wilde suggest that corsets were used by some men as part of their formal attire.



Cross-Dressing and Drag (Various Periods):

Throughout history, male performers in theater and entertainment have worn corsets for cross-dressing or drag acts. As an example, Julian Eltinge, a popular American female impersonator in the early 20th century, often wore corsets to achieve feminine figures for his performances.


Ballet and Dance (Various Periods):

Male ballet dancers have utilized corsets to maintain posture and create a streamlined appearance. In the 20th century, Rudolf Nureyev, a renowned ballet dancer, occasionally wore corsets to enhance his stage presence and movement.


Contemporary Fashion and Runways (Modern Times):

Contemporary designers have occasionally incorporated corset elements into men's fashion. Runway shows and avant-garde designs have featured corsets as accessories or focal points. An example could be a 2019 runway show where designer Thom Browne showcased men wearing corsets as part of his innovative collection.


Men have been wearing corsets throughout history.

It's about looking cool, performing well, and just being themselves in different times and places.

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Famous Men in Corsets examples

Premium Mens Corsets


Mr. Pearl: The Corset Maker

Mr. Pearl, whose real name is Mark Erskine-Pullin, is really good at making super cool corsets.

Corsets are like tight-fitting clothes that can change how your body looks.

Big celebrities are fans of his work; you might have seen Dita Von Teese or Kim Kardashian wearing his corsets.


Evan Mock

Evan Mock embraced the "gilded glamour" theme and "white tie" dress code in a distinct ensemble by the Head of State. The outfit showcased a pale yellow khaki suit with a corset-like bodice on the jacket, revealing Mock's bare torso.

Matching trousers featured stylish darts down the legs. A standout was the high ruffled collar of his white shirt, complementing his pink spiked hair. The addition of a green Cartier necklace and a dark manicure added modern rebellion to the look.


Ian Pérez

Ian Pérez, a Spanish language teacher in Chicago, discovered his love for corsets in 2018. Now wearing them around three to four times a week, he appreciates how they enhance his outfits. Pérez emphasizes the importance of safe corseting, comparing it to responsible running, requiring preparation and understanding one's limits. Proper fit and positioning are crucial. While he wears corsets for aesthetic reasons, he acknowledges that others use them to express their gender identities.


Ben Platt

Platt and designer Christian Cowan joined forces for an outfit blending modern queer culture with Gilded Age references. Platt wore a silk tuxedo paired with a steel-boned corset featuring laced details and 24-karat gold buttons on the shirt. He accessorized with a freshwater pearl chain and long pearly nails for a contemporary touch.

Freddie Mercury:


As the charismatic frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury's stage presence was as legendary as his vocal talents. In the 1980s, during Queen's performances, Mercury was known to wear outfits that incorporated corset-like elements, often paired with his signature tight-fitting pants and flamboyant accessories.


Johnny Depp:

Through Johnny Depp's portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film series, an iconic and unconventional character was vividly realized. Sparrow's pirate attire often included a corset-like vest, adding a touch of swashbuckling charm to Depp's portrayal and reflecting the eccentricities of the character.


Marilyn Manson:

Known for his provocative and controversial image, Marilyn Manson frequently incorporated corsets into his on-stage costumes. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, Manson's corseted outfits added to his shock rock aesthetic, blending elements of goth, industrial, and glam into his unique persona.


Ezra Miller:

At the 2019 Met Gala, Ezra Miller made a remarkable appearance wearing a Burberry suit that incorporated a captivating optical illusion. The event's theme was "Camp: Notes on Fashion," celebrating extravagance and theatricality. Miller's suit initially appeared as a classic black pinstripe ensemble, but he revealed a hidden layer by opening the outer suit. Beneath, he showcased a Black corseted dress, brilliantly embracing the theme's essence of surprise and playfulness.


Leonardo Hanna Azrak

Model Leonardo Hanna Azrak caught everyone's attention as he confidently walked the red carpet wearing a corset underneath his black blazer and trousers at a very important event. This fashion choice was quite different from what people usually expect, and it showed that men can embrace a stylish and fancy look by trying out this unique style.


Yash Patil

In the world of fashion in India, innovative designers like Alter X, Diermess, and That Antique Story by Yash Patil are pushing the boundaries by introducing corsets designed for men. They are changing the way we see corsets, which have traditionally been seen as a symbol of women's fashion. Now, they are giving corsets a new meaning, representing a strong and confident form of masculinity. These designers are coming up with fresh designs and new ways of expressing fashion.


Sahil Salathia:


Model and actor Sahil Salathia is adding a touch of charm to the corset trend. He is making this evolving fashion statement even more appealing with his personal style. Through his unique take on corsets, he is showing how a person's individuality can blend seamlessly with modern fashion trends


Atlas Keighley


A 19-year-old named Atlas Keighley from Australia works at a bakery. He feels confident and strong when he wears corsets. He put a video of himself wearing one on TikTok. Lots of people, around 192 million, saw videos of men wearing corsets there.


He likes corset vests because they make his shoulders look wider and his posture better. Also, they keep a bit of a soft curve around his waist. He started wearing corsets a year ago.


He told in an interview with Vice: At first, they felt strange on his body, not uncomfortable, but kind of tight in a new way. If a corset is painful or very uncomfortable, it's not the right fit and can be risky to wear. Atlas wants people to know that.



Gabriel Jesus wears corsets that have different styles. Some look like vests but have laces and crisscross patterns at the back. He gets them from a special shop where a lady has been making corsets for a long time.

Just like Pérez and Keighley, Jesus thinks the main problem with corsets is when they don't fit well. They can't be too big or too small for your body.

Jesus said that a corset that fits right should never hurt. He believes the safest way is to get help from a professional who knows about corsets.


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K Pop Stars who wear corsets


Fashion has evolved significantly, blurring the lines between clothing styles traditionally associated with different genders. The transformation is noticeable within the K-pop domain, with artists now embracing a range of fresh and diverse fashion preferences.

Notably, a trend has emerged where corsets, traditionally worn by girls, have gained popularity. Remarkably, male K-pop idols are challenging conventions by confidently sporting corsets and corset-like belts, captivating attention with their striking and trendy appearances.


RM from BTS:


Even adorned with a corset and a snug necklace, RM radiates confidence and strength. His composed and poised manner perfectly aligns with his nontraditional attire, boldly asserting a stance against conventional fashion norms.


Jackson from GOT7:

Jackson Wang's hit track "Blow" captured widespread attention, partly due to his unexpected and intriguing choice to wear a corset. And it's like a peek into fashion today, where they're not sticking to one thing—they're mixing it all up and it's awesome.


Yuta from NCT:

Yuta's choice to wear a maroon corset belt perfectly complements his enigmatic and vampire-like aura. You won't believe it—he's like a comic book character come to life.

It's like he's walked right out of one of those super cool adventure books with pictures.


Seonghwa from ATEEZ:

Combining his intense gaze with a corset, Seonghwa masterfully crafts a powerful and irresistible vampire-inspired look. Get this—the outfit is like this mix of strong vibes and charm.

It's got old-school stuff and new-style coolness all together.



Taeyang from SF9:

Taeyang's svelte waist harmonizes seamlessly with the corset, capturing attention during his dynamic dance performances. His charisma shines while breaking fashion norms, highlighting industry evolution. He's not just following fashion; he's changing it up and showing how things are always shifting.


Yeonjun from TXT:


Yeonjun effortlessly transitions between playful and sensual looks, both enhanced by the corset. His versatile fashion choices showcase his capacity to capture focus in diverse scenarios.


The8 from SEVENTEEN:

Fans anticipate the striking impact The8 would have if he graced the stage in such an outfit. Get ready for a showstopper—his corset's visual allure is a guaranteed audience magnet, turning up the excitement dial on his performances.


Shownu from MONSTA X:

Shownu's inherent attractiveness is accentuated when he dons a corset belt along with his signature red and leather ensemble. You won't believe it—the corset he's got on?

It's like this accessory that totally makes his strong presence even cooler.


Felix from Stray Kids:

Stray Kids is set to make a bold statement with Felix wearing a corset and skirt for their Japanese comeback.


Imagine some male K-Pop stars who are doing something really cool with their fashion. They're wearing corsets, which are usually seen as clothes for girls. But they're proving that fashion isn't just about gender.

Their confident fashion choices are changing the old rules and allowing new and creative ideas to come in. This is making fashion more welcoming for all kinds of people and their unique styles.

When they wear these creative and different outfits, they're telling others it's okay to be different and have fun with what you wear.


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Final Thoughts: Man in corsets


In the ever-changing world of men's fashion, bringing back the idea of men wearing corsets shows how old things can mix with new ideas. This trend is a cool choice for people who like to mix tradition with new ways of thinking.

The history behind it, combined with the new style, makes it perfect for people who want to try something different and show their unique selves.

So, if you're excited to change how people think about your style and make a strong statement, give the corset trend a chance. Remember, fashion isn't just about clothes – it's also about showing who you are on the inside to the outside world.

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