Welcometo the essence of Miss Leather

– where heritage craftsmanship converges with
contemporary innovation, sculpting not just attire but a canvas for self-expression and empowerment. Your journey to us suggests a discerning ques for authenticity, quality, and trustworthiness in your fashion selections. Commendably, you've embarked on the right path.

Delvin into the heart of what makes Miss Leather a beacon in the corset industry, we
champion the art of corsetry, offering an empowering selection for both women
and men. Our mission transcends mere fashion; it's about providing a medium for
personal expression and confidence through our meticulously crafted corsets and
waist trainers.


Originating from our exclusive manufacturing facility, every Miss Leather corset is the
product of artisanal craftsmanship. This hands-on approach ensures unparalleled
quality and uniqueness, allowing us to dedicate our resources to creating
premium, durable, and accessible corsets for our discerning clientele.

For those intrigued by the craftsmanship behind your corset, we invite
you to view our behind-the-scenes video.

It's a testament to our commitment to handcrafted excellence, affordability, and our direct-to-consumer ethos, eliminating intermediary costs and enhancing value.

Miss Leather distinguishes itself in the corsetry landscape through several key pillars:

Our key pillars

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Each corset is a testament to the skill and dedication of our
artisans, offering you a piece that is not only unique but reflects the highest standards of quality and care.

Direct-to-Consumer Model

Proudly, we offer our products directly from our factory to you,
ensuring a seamless, transparent, and cost-effective shopping experience without the involvement of intermediaries.

Customization at Your Fingertips

We celebrate individuality and understand the importance of personal style. Miss Leather provides extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor your corset to your precise preferences in fabric, color, and detailing.

Styling Versatility

Breaking away from traditional constraints, our corsets are designed for versatility, enabling seamless integration into a multitude of fashion aesthetics. This versatility ensures that our corsets resonate with your
personal style narrative.

Engineered for Comfort

At Miss Leather, aesthetic allure is matched with practical comfort.
Our corsets are engineered to offer support and ease of movement, making them
suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Sustainability Commitment

Our commitment extends beyond fashion to embrace sustainable
practices. Through the use of responsibly sourced materials and ethical manufacturing processes, we ensure that your choice in Miss Leather is not only
stylish but environmentally conscious.

why Choose Miss Leather

Choosing Miss Leather means aligning with a brand that stands at the intersection of
innovation, tradition, and ethical fashion. It's about more than adorning a
corset; it's about embracing a lifestyle where confidence, style, and social
responsibility converge. Welcome to Miss Leather – where your journey to
self-expression and empowerment begins with us.

How we Started!



Meet the Miss Leather Team


Our journey to Miss Leather began in a small workshop in 1999. It was here that an artisan with a
vision for quality corsetry started crafting pieces that would stand the test
of time. This foundation laid by a father’s dedication and skill set the stage
for a future where craftsmanship met innovation.


Fast forward to 2020, amidst global change and reflection, a significant
conversation between generations sparked the transformation of our family
business. Mehar Shahram, our founder, along with his wife and co-founder,
Laraib Javed, identified the core issues faced by corset enthusiasts:
restrictive sizing, high prices due to middlemen, and the quest for comfortable
yet stylish designs. This realization led to the birth of Miss Leather, a brand
aimed at redefining the corsetry experience.


Mehar, taking on the role of CEO and CFO, and Laraib, stepping in as CMO, combined
their strengths to navigate Miss Leather towards a vision of inclusivity,
excellence, and customer-focused innovation. They committed to direct
engagement with their audience, removing unnecessary intermediaries to deliver
quality, customizable corsets directly to those who love them.


Today, Miss Leather is more than just a brand; it's a symbol of how family,
partnership, and a relentless drive for improvement can create something truly
special. We honor our traditional roots while continuously adapting to meet the
modern wearer's needs.


Miss Leather stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, customer
satisfaction, and the powerful synergy of Mehar and Laraib's shared vision.
Join us as we continue to evolve, ensuring every corset from Miss Leather is a
piece to be treasured.



 What Some of Our Customer Says about Us!


Sarah White Shares Her Experience:


Wearing corsets for style and waist training is something I really enjoy. However, I
won't lie; they can sometimes be uncomfortable and restrict my breathing. After
a while, the sweatiness kicks in, and it becomes a challenge to take deep
breaths, especially when worn for extended periods. It often feels like a
battle between looking fashionable and maintaining comfort.


Alex Davis Talks About Sizing Challenges:


I'm Alex Davis, standing tall at 6.5 feet, and the biggest hurdle for me has been
finding a corset that fits perfectly. Contrary to what one might expect, it's
quite a task. I've encountered sizes that are either too snug or too loose,
which is disheartening. The inconsistency in sizing information adds to the
frustration, particularly when you're looking forward to wearing your new
corset, only to find it doesn't fit as anticipated.



Our Solution:



We're proud to offer corsets in a wide range of sizes (S to 7XL), along with further
customization options to ensure the perfect fit for everyone.

Grace Carter Discusses Durability Concerns:


Finding a corset that withstands regular use for waist training while retaining its
shape and style is no easy feat. The quest for durability is crucial; quality
materials and craftsmanship are essential. It's disappointing when a corset
wears out quicker than expected, especially when it's meant for frequent use.


Our Craftsmanship:


Each of our corsets is handmade, with individual attention to detail to guarantee
durability and quality that endures regular wear.


Our journey:

Following deep and insightful discussions among ourselves, the founders, we launched Miss
Leather's debut collection of corsets on our Etsy shop in early 2022. The
reception exceeded our expectations, with our commitment to high-quality
craftsmanship quickly resonating within the community.


Our journey from a mere concept to a beloved brand has been nothing short of
remarkable. By January 2024, we proudly reached a milestone of over 600 sales,
accompanied by an exceptional average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.
This feedback not only validated our efforts but also fueled our passion for continuing
this path.


Buoyed by our successful introduction on Etsy, we were inspired to take Miss Leather
to the next level. We expanded our portfolio to include a comprehensive
collection of corsets, waist trainers, corset belts, waist cinchers, and
specially designed offerings for men. This expansion was meticulously planned
and executed through our dedicated online store, reflecting our evolution from
a small venture to a burgeoning brand with a distinct identity in the world of


The launch of our website marked a pivotal moment for Miss Leather, offering us a
new platform to showcase our products and connect directly with our audience.


The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising not only the
quality of our corsets but also the ease of navigation and the aesthetic appeal
of our site. It's become clear that Miss Leather is more than just a brand;
it's a destination for those seeking excellence in corsetry, personalized
service, and a shopping experience that exceeds expectations.


As Miss Leather continues to grow, we remain committed to our founding principles
of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We're constantly seeking
feedback, engaging with our community, and exploring new designs and materials
to ensure that our offerings meet the high standards our customers have come to
expect from us.

The journey from our initial concept to becoming a recognized name in corsetry has
been incredible, and we're excited about the future possibilities.

Introducing Our Craftsmen

Hi there, I'm Qadir, blessed with a wonderful wife and three incredible sons who
are the center of my world. I'm deeply grateful for the chance to follow my
passion, a journey greatly influenced by my designer, who ignited my love for
creative design.


Ever since my childhood, I've been drawn to design and the process of creating
things with my own hands. I fondly remember trying to assist my dad with
various building projects at home. Though I might have been more of a playful
obstacle than a help, those experiences kindled my love for crafting and
building. The thrill of taking an idea from concept to reality is unparalleled
and brings me to life.


My fascination isn't limited to any single material; the joy for me lies in the
versatility and challenge of working with a variety of fabrics. Each material,
with its unique texture, scent, and behavior during the crafting process,
provides a new canvas for creativity. The excitement of manipulating these
materials, transforming them into both beautiful and functional items, is what
drives my passion.


As a craftsman, the journey from an initial sketch to the final product is both a
personal delight and a professional achievement. Whether it's a fabric corset
that flatters the figure or a uniquely designed accessory that stands out, each
creation is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship. I'm thrilled to
share this passion and our creations with you, each piece crafted with the
utmost care and attention to detail, hoping to inspire joy and satisfaction in
those who experience them.

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